Back To School

As we prepare to start another strange school year, I have to admit I am more than nervous. Officially, I am the mom of a high schooler, a middle schooler, and a pre-K student. This will be JW’s first experience with school, as the pandemic prevented him from going to a head start program, so my nerves for him are especially high.

The pandemic has stolen so much from so many, but the children in school more than ever. In our school, and many others, instead of moving from class to class, middle and high school students must sit in their seats all day while the teachers circulate in and out of the classrooms. This is especially hard for neurodivergent students. It hurts me to think of how their grades are suffering. It hurts me to think that they are unable to socialize as they should be able to as well.

Thankfully, my youngest will have a mostly “normal” year at school. There are special precautions taken, sure, but he will get to play and be a kid.

As they travel back and forth to school on the bus, they will have to wear a mask. There will certainly be a lot of emphasis on hand washing and hand sanitizer, and temperatures will be taken before access is granted to school property. I grieve for “normal” because I fear that it may never actually return.

Another feeling…

Even with my grief, I am excited for them. My oldest, Micheal, is going into 10th grade. He has three years left in high school. Kyle, my middle son, is going into 8th grade- his last year in middle school! Oh, and JW, he has been excited to go to school since the first time he walked into the building! I am so very excited for him!

Let me tell you the funniest thing- Everyone thought that I was going to lose my mind about JW starting school. I handled that with no tears at all, however the thought hitting that I now only have two more first days of school with Micheal tore me apart inside.

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