Back on the Wagon

Hey yall… It’s me, again. I know, I do this thing where I’m here and gone again, but hopefully now I can get myself back to being a little more consistent.

I recently read The 12 Week Year and it has given me a new-ish outlook on life, my goals, and how to accomplish them. As a result of this, I have made myself some goals to accomplish in the next 12 weeks, and since I cannot find anyone local to have Weekly Accountability Meetings with, I am choosing to use my blog as a way to keep myself accountable.

Please take the time to read this amazing book!!!

For my 12 week year, I have 3 goals:

  1. Install a fence across my front yard and gates at each driveway
  2. Make $10,000
  3. Lose 20 pounds

I have broken down each goal with weekly tactics in order to attempt to achieve them, and this is how I intend to make it happen.


  1. Buy four sections of fence each week
  2. Install one section every other day.
  3. On off days, take time to clear space for the next section(s)
  4. Buy one gate every 3 weeks.


  1. Sell 100+ shirts per week.
  2. Work on website and advertise daily.
  3. Reach out to old customers.
  4. Send at least one marketing email per week.

Lose 20 pounds-

  1. Walk 4+ miles per day.
  2. Get at least 10,000 steps per day.
  3. Meal plan for success (breakfast, lunch, supper, and snacks!).
  4. Drink 1 gallon of water per day.
  5. Research and try new workouts.

What I really love about this is that you have to score yourself once a week, and it gives you the opportunity to see just where you may not be following through, or if you might need to change tactics/add new tactics. I’m so excited for these next 12 weeks and I really hope that some of my readers (if any of you are still around) will join me!

Please leave a comment below if you read this post, it will truly make my day!

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