Apologies Aren’t Allowed Here

That’s right. Apologies are no longer allowed at my house. I don’t know if it’s the halfhearted  “Sorry” that I’m sick of or if pregnancy has just really killed my patience, but I refuse to let my boys get away with a simple “I’m sorry” and walking away anymore. It ended today. Apologies aren’t allowed here anymore.

apologies aren't allowed here

Now, you probably think I’m crazy… But I assure you, I haven’t lost my mind. They’re not going to get away with murder, they won’t go uncorrected when they do wrong, they just will not have the option to simply say “Sorry” anymore, because I’m raising responsible little men, and they should know better than that.

When the youngest started acting up in school this past year, I started having him write apology letters to his teacher, and not a single one said simply:

Dear Ms. Moses, 

I’m sorry. 


Instead, he had to say “I’m sorry I (state what he did here)” and then state how he intended to correct and make up for his behavior in the future. My thoughts are, if I feel like this is the best course of action for his apologies to others, why not for family members too?

So from now on, apologies aren’t allowed here, not without an explanation of what they’re apologizing for, and a plan to make things right. Why? Because I’m raising responsible little men, not little turds. They need to learn to stand up and own their behavior and figure out how to make a situation right (if possible) instead of just walking away when they do something wrong.

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