All About Alicia

So, all about Alicia…


I’m a small town girl. Born and raised. I escaped for 5 years and did some traveling, had a few kids (Micheal and Kyle), and then came back.

When I moved back, I ran into an old friend, who turned out to be the love of my life. I am so thankful for him, we have built a life together that I am more than thankful for.


I have finally started working at a job that I am so proud of. I don’t make a lot of money (actually, it feels like I hardly make any), but it is so rewarding in so many other ways. I work as a paraprofessional at a local elementary school. I work with both special needs children, and with a kindergarten class. Although it gets frustrating at times, the kids there make me smile every single day.

During my time at home, I attempt to keep an organized house (check out my 52 week home organization challenge) and to teach my children the importance of living green. We are all working towards living a healthier lifestyle, by exercising properly and eating healthy.

I have marp_2012-12-23_14-07-45_156-169x3001.jpgny hobbies, which include painting, reading, and crocheting… among other things. I am sure that these projects will find their way here from time to time.

I am hoping to go back to school soon… I can’t decide whether or not go for my Early Childhood Education degree or for a Special Education degree. I am taking this school year at work to try to figure out which way to proceed with my education.

So, there you have it, all about Alicia. Now that you’ve learned all about me, I sincerely hope that you will come back and see what all I have to say.


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