After School Organization

I don’t know about you, butĀ even with just two kids, we get crazy busy after school. Please put emphasis on CRAZY! But, with a little after school organization, you can make the craziest of afternoons go a lot smoother.

After School Organization

I’ve created an after school checklist that will keep your kiddos on task and will make your life a lot easier.

After School Organization Checklist Daily

I have always believed that as long as you have a constant reminder, it is much easier to stay organized and on task. This is especially true for kids. I’ve created this printable checklist that you can laminate and put on your fridge for daily use.

If you don’t want to laminate (or don’t have a laminator at your disposal) then I have another option that I’ve created for you that you can print weekly.

After School Checklist

Personally, I print mine front and back and put them in my notebook with the behavior charts that I created for my boys… This way my boys can also keep a visual of how close they are to earning another treat as they check off the items on their list of things to do in the afternoons.

I really hope that this checklist will bring more organization and less stress to your after school routine! I know that it has made our lives a lot easier, and it makes my boys more accountable for the things that they know they should be doing anyhow.

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