About me…

Hi there! I’m Alicia, a passionate high school journalism teacher, yearbook advisor, and robotics coach living in a Southwest Georgia. I have a love for education and a flair for the unconventional, as most see the moment they look my way… Hello purple hair, tattoos, and piercings.

As a dedicated mom to three amazing boys—two of whom have autism—my life is a blend of structured chaos and heartfelt moments. I understand the unique challenges and joys that come with raising children with special needs, and I strive to be an advocate for inclusivity and acceptance.

This blog is my space to share insights from the classroom, tips on parenting, and stories from my journey of self-expression. Whether it’s managing a bustling household, racing the clock for a yearbook deadline, or breaking societal norms, I’m here to inspire, support, and connect with others who dare to live boldly and make a difference.

Join me as I navigate this vibrant and sometimes challenging world, offering advice, sharing experiences, and building a community where everyone can feel seen and valued.