A New Daily Routine

With all three boys in school I’m struggling to find a new daily routine, but I am determined to find one that WORKS. I hope that you will join me on my journey, and perhaps leave a comment telling me what you think would be helpful to add to my routine.

How to Create a Daily Routine That Works For You

My Tentative Routine

  • 5:00- Wake up, have coffee, and write out a to-do list
  • 6:00- Wake up boys, and get them ready for school
  • 6:40- Take the boys to the bus
  • 7:00- Go for a walk/run
  • 8:00- Shower and get dressed
  • 8:30- Take one hour to clean the house
  • 9:30- Work for two hours on printing shirts, embroidering, website work.
  • 11:30- Take a lunch
  • 12:00- Work for an hour
  • 1:00- Take an hour to clean and prep for dinner.
  • 2:00- Work to-do list, get anything done that hasn’t been accomplished, draw, paint, etc.
  • 3:50- Pick up boys from the bus.
  • 4:00- Go through backpacks, and sign any necessary forms.
  • 4:30- Cook supper.
  • 6:00- Have supper with family.
  • 7:00- Lay out clothes for the next day, and go through bedtime routines.
  • 8:30- Have 30 minutes of quiet time to read before bed, go over my to-do list, and check my planner for upcoming events.

To help me stick to my schedule, I am programming it in my phone, and I also have it written as a visual in my planner. Of course, on any given day this is subject to change. This will at least give me a point of reference to put me back on track or keep me from sitting around wondering what I SHOULD be doing.

Wrapping things up

I will check back in after a few weeks and let you all know how it’s going. And I am really hoping that it goes well! Don’t forget to comment below and give me some helpful advice! I would love to hear about your routine, or what you think would be great to add to mine, especially if you think it will help me accomplish my goals!

Until next time,

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