A Gift A Week-Preparing For Christmas Throughout The Year

A Gift A Week… Preparing For Christmas Throughout The Year!

With Christmas having just passed, many of you may think I’m crazy for already thinking of my gifts for 2015, but I have developed a plan: A gift a week, whether it is handmade or bought, I will be putting a gift into my Christmas closet.

already late clock a gift a week
The clock that set off the inspiration for even more!

This week I am making a clock. Yes, making one. 🙂 My sister first inspired me to make a clock, for her, and one for her friend. Now, I can’t wait to start working on more and seeing what else I can turn into a clock!

Of course, I took to Pinterest and searched and searched for ideas. I found something that I really want to do, even if it’s just for me (I mean, I CAN give myself a Christmas gift, right???). I want to make a clock out of an old hard cover book.

book clock a gift a week
Click here to learn how to make your own clock out of a book!

Now, the thing is to find a book… I have PLENTY of books at my house, but I would probably cry if I had to destroy one to turn it into a clock, so instead I have searched and found a few at my local Salvation Army… And unlike the tutorial I found suggests (taking apart a clock seems like a lot of work), I found a clock movement on Amazon that I LOVE!

I really hope that it turns out to be at least half as beautiful as these clocks that I’ve found on Pinterest, because they are absolutely AWESOME and I think they will make wonderful Christmas presents to every book lover on my Christmas list… The possibilities are endless, because all I can think of is how it would be so cool to turn my boyfriend’s favorite book into a clock… Or, the first book that my youngest son ever read to me (Hop on Pop) would be AMAZING to give him to go in his room! I think they are equally sentimental and cool!

I’ll update you on how my book clocks turn out, and I’ll try to keep you all updated on my gift a week plan. 🙂


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