52 Things I Love About You

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, this week’s DIY is an awesome (and inexpensive) way to show how much you love your significant other! This week’s project is titled 52 Things I Love About You, and I think you’ll love it! Of course, this gift can be given for a birthday, Christmas, or just because, but I think it’s perfect for the hubs’ Valentine’s present!

52 things I love about you52 Things I Love About You

For this project you’ll need:

It’s a good idea to sit down with a pen and piece of paper before you start this project and write down your 52 reasons… I numbered my sheet of paper (front and back) and double checked that I wasn’t repeating myself throughout my list.

After you have your reasons, you can go into Microsoft Word, and type them out on an Avery template (that’s why I love love love Avery labels, it makes everything sooooo much easier!). You can add cute little pieces of clipart, and do cute fonts and colors, so that you really make your 52 reasons extra special!

Once you’ve got that done, the fun really starts! You’ll want to take your first card and measure exactly where you want to cut. I did 3/4″ in on both sides. This card will be your template for hole-punching all of your other cards.

A small tip: If you’re like me, you may want to split these cards up and do them over a series of days, otherwise your hole punching hand may start to hurt!

Once you’re done punching holes, you’re ready to peel and stick your reasons, and assemble your book!

As you can see, this project wasn’t very hard (or even time-consuming really!) and definitely was not expensive, but I it will be VERY appreciated by your significant other! I know I can’t wait to give mine to the hubs! 🙂

52 things I love about you playing cards

How did this project go for you? Please leave a comment with at least one of the reasons you are putting or did put in your book! I want to hear them!

Do you need inspiration or help coming up with reasons? Click here for some reasons that will get you started!

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