26.2 Miles

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I’ve done it. I signed up for the Rock ‘N Roll Marathon in Savannah, GA on November 7th of this year. I’m training. I’m getting ready. It’s 26.2 miles. I know I can do it. Especially if I have a reason to do it. I can do these 26.2 miles… I know I can. I’m nervous, but I can do these 26.2 miles, I promise.

They say to give you the strength to go on when running a marathon, you should dedicate each mile to someone. So here goes…

26.2 Miles

Mile number 1 goes to my sister who says “WHY?”, I say “Why not?”

Mile number 2 goes to my step-dad, who put up with me through some of the worst periods of my life (attitude wise).

Mile number 3 goes to my sister who is coming down to run the 5k the day after my marathon. If she can run the 5k for me, I can run this for her.

Mile number 4 is for my brother, who goads me into going the extra mile, one way or another.

Mile number 5 is for Payton, my niece.

Mile number 6 is for the sweet little girl down the road who thinks I am awesome because I run.

Mile number 7 is for my 7 year old, because I want him to be proud of me.

Mile number 8 is for everyone who says I can’t… I’m going to prove that I CAN!

Mile number 9 is for my nine year old, who thinks that I can do anything.

Mile number 10 is for a little girl I know who is about to be 10, and has never been able to run. Mile 10 is for everyone with cerebral palsy.

Mile number 11 is for every animal I’ve volunteered with at the humane society that never got a home.

Mile number 12 is for Tommy Hill, the preacher who made such a difference in my life.

Mile number 13 is for the ladies I know running the half, so happy for them!

Mile number 14 is for my best friend Katie, who I was 14 when I met.

Mile number 15 is for my mom, who only had 15 years with my daddy.

Mile number 16 is for my nephews, Walter, Samuel, and Nicholas…

Mile number 17 is for my younger self, who used to run at 17, but stopped after some stupid mistakes.

Mile number 18 is for my friend Irena… Hoping that maybe one day she’ll run with me too.

Mile number 19 is for my nephew Tony, the first baby I ever held!

Mile number 20 is for my friend Tracy, who comes out with me every evening, even if it’s just for a walk.

Mile number 21 is Mr. Al Pierce, my boss when I was 21, a really great man.

Mile number 22 is for my niece Alyssa, because if I can do this, so can she!

Mile number 23 is for my husband… Who I was 23 when I started dating.

Mile number 24 is for my friend Richard, who passed away way too early in his life.

Mile number 25 is for everyone who says “Why?” Because I can, and others can’t, that’s why.

Mile number 26 is for my daddy, who told me before that I could do anything I want to do

Mile 26.2 is for me!!!

Now that I’ve told you who my 26.2 miles are for, tell me who yours are for! 26.2 miles can seem a bit daunting, but I’ve been told if we break it down like this, it will make it a bit easier.

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