10 ways to earn extra money in a small town

Are you from a small town? Have you just moved to one? Are you trying to figure out how to earn some extra money? I’ve been there! Allow me to share some ideas that have worked for me and several friends in the past when we needed to earn some extra money.

How to Make Money in a Small Town: 19 Ideas

10 ways to earn extra money in a small town


Babysitting | First 5 California

Good and reliable babysitters are always in high demand! Whether it be for the work day, after school, or just for the occasional date night. If you love kids and this is something for you, advertise on social media, but don’t stop there! Make a flyer to put up at the local grocery store. Let people know when you’re available and whether you’re more comfortable coming to them or having them drop the kiddos off with you.


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My best friend is a teacher and has a great side hustle tutoring students throughout the school year and even several weeks during the summer. It has worked out amazingly for her! She has a set clientele and never worries about extra money for events and vacations.

Part-time jobs-

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A lot of small business owners can’t always afford a full time employee, but they may still need the extra help. It never hurts to ask. Bonus points if you walk in with a resume (that includes current contact info!). Just be up front about when you can and cannot work, most will happily work with you!


Blogging is always a nice source of extra income, but there are also other wonderful ways as well. A friend of mine does online surveys in exchange for gift cards, which is pretty cool!


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I know several ladies who have a Cricut or Silhouette and make vinyl decals and shirts, but even if that’s not something you’re interested in, there are still so many things you can do. You can sell hand sewn or crocheted items, and so much more. My sister-in-law makes doorhangers that she cuts herself and handpaints (after putting in long hours as a teacher).

Flipping furniture-

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Another close friend of mine was laid off from her job several years ago and used it as an opportunity to follow her passion- redoing antique furniture and selling it. She and her husband now have several successful businesses that branched off from this. Not only does she repair and paint furniture, they also do custom builds, and she is paid to decorate homes! I also recently found out that she has started helping to plan weddings because people love her tastes so much!

Offer grocery delivery-

I am always shocked at home many people in my area do not have a drivers license or access to a vehicle. People that have both have a great opportunity to either get paid to take people shopping, or go and do the shopping for that person! I know a few people who do this, but I’m a little unsure as to how much money that make doing it.

Sell gently used clothes and home decor-

  • Another friend of mine stumbled onto a GOLDMINE selling gently used ladies, babies, and kids boutique clothing. We all have kids roughly about the same age and were in groups that are specifically geared towards reselling boutique clothing. My friend Crystal was smart enough to start buying these clothes and “flipping” them for a profit. She now makes enough that she does it as a full time job!
  • I LOVE decorating my house, but when my tastes change, I enjoy selling my home decor online for a profit.

Dog walking-

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When you live in a small town, odds are that you travel for work. This can be especially hard on pets, and a dog walker in a small town could really do well!

Start a cleaning service

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A Facebook friend of mine couldn’t back to work full time once her kids were in school because there were no daycare options in her area for after school care. She took a chance and started cleaning a few houses once a week to make some extra income… This quickly turned into a full time business that actually employs three other local moms. The great thing for all of them is that they only work during school hours, so now none of them are working to pay for childcare!

Extra income in a small town

As you can see, it is not impossible to earn extra money in a small town. You may have to get creative, but you can definitely do it!

What do you think? Have I missed anything? Let me know how you earn extra money in a small town!

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